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Handheld fiber laser welding machines

Fiber laser welding machines work with high-energy, concentrated laser pulses, so they are able to generate the melt needed for welding on a relatively small surface. Fiber laser welding is a new technology used primarily for fast, precise welding of thin metal sheets. The laser source of the fiber welding machine emits the laser pulses in a continuous mode, so the quality of the seam is high, no post-machining is required.

The focal point of the laser has a rather small area, which helps in the accuracy of the welding.

The easy-to-use, lightweight design of the manual welding head helps to machine the materials to be welded from different angles. The heat input is limited to a small area, so the deflections and warps will be much smaller compared to the traditional welding methods.

Technical data:

  • Laser Power : 1000/15000/2000 W
  • Welding speed 0-120 mm/s
  • Operation mode: Contiuous/Modulated
  • Laser wavelength: 1070+-10 nm
  • Welding spot size: 0,2-2 mm
  • Fiber core length: 10 m
  • Environmental temperature: 0-35 °C
  • Environmental humidity: 70%
  • Welding range: 0,3-2 mm
  • Power supply: 220V sau 400V
  • Welding head: Linear or wooble
  • Welding spot preview


  • Laser source: RECI or RAYCUS
  • Incorporated water chiller
  • Automatic wire feeder
  • LCD screen


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