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Laser engraving and marking machine
Laser engraving and marking machine


The Warp9 laser engraving and marking machine is a high-performance fiber laser engraver, which can cost-effectively meet the needs of many industrial sectors and market segments.

With this laser it can be engraved or marked on all metal surfaces but also on several plastic, ceramic or leather surfaces. With some additional features, engraving machines can engrave in 3D, color or on large surfaces. The engraving speed is up to 7000 mm / second and the accuracy is order of micrometers. With the help of these machines, engraving and marking objects is a simple process, with very aesthetic results .
Gindebit company is the manufacturer of these engraving machines, offers consulting regarding to choosing the right machine supply the warranty and post-warranty service. At Gindebit headquarters there is also the possibility to test Warp9 engraving machines on any material brought by the customer. Warp9 engravers are used in the automotive industry, for jewelry making, various serial markings, logo markings on different products, customization of watches and other objects.

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Perhaps our most important advantage is that we are close to both our clients in Romania and in Hungary, so from the moment of the order to the after-sales assistance, we are ready to help you. It comes with the machines.

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